Monday, April 27, 2009

Adrian Baird Ba Than : Jeweller and Designer

Adrian Baird Ba Than is a Designer/Maker based in Edinburgh. Drawing inspiration from sources both obvious and unexpected he combines wood, bone, horn, nut, shell and mammoth ivory with metal, stone & resins to create elegant, clean designs which are stunning in their simplicity and timeless in their beauty.
Being self taught, Adrian isn't bound by tradition and therefore has found his own path and his own dialogue with which to express his aesthetic. Primarily a jeweller, Adrian also turns his hand to other creative pursuits such as box making, small trinket boxes that fit in the palm of your hand, larger desk top boxes that may be used for jewellery, cigars or anything you want to keep safe or treasure, to a custom made case for your favourite mp3 player. Adrian also uses leather in his work from making satchels, wallets and belts to lining the inside of the aforementioned boxes.

Sourcing materials is a major concern for Adrian. He feels an ethical responsibilty to ensure his work is made utilising materials that come from renewable sources or preferably reclaimed. With this in mind he only uses organic beef bone and ancient mammoth ivory when wanting a white or creamy element to his work. Also, much of the wood he uses has been intercepted on the way to an evergrowing landfill site, or is offcuts from other craftsmen or was destined to become chipboard or animal bedding being considered unusable or too costly to process.
If you are interested in purchasing any of Adrian's designs or to get an idea of prices, send him an email-

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