Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter in Dublin, 2009: Photography by Katie Reynolds CLICK ON THIS TITLE TO VIEW

The Iveagh Markets in the heart of The Liberties

Hi there! Click on the Title above to view my myspace album with a collection of new photographs of Dublin which I have taken over the past few months. They are mostly taken in and around Dublin 8 where I currently live. It is where my Grandma grew up and it's amazing to wander around the exact same streets in The Liberties as she did. The original stone buildings now stand side by side with the modern styles. It's this blend of old and new, the cobblestones reflected in the glass facade, that facinates me about the landscape of Dublin City.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Foolin in Doolin Christmas Market

Here's a chance to pick up some interesting Christmas presents and sample the local fare.
This market combines the fresh local produce and artisan foods of a farmers market with the handmade goods of a craft fair. It takes place on Saturday 19th December 11am to 5pm at the Russell Community Centre in Doolin. Emma Willcox will have a selection of Natural Cosmetics for sale, very handy for this time of year's harsh weather.

"We have a great selection of local and imported fruit and organic veg, bread, baked goods, fresh waffles, cheese, local ice cream, salads, curries, chutneys, jams, and sauces. And besides that, you will see all manner of handmade items such as ceramics, photography, locally made willow baskets and chairs, quilted and crocheted items, handsewn bags and purses, plants, and natural cosmetics, made locally with seaweed and other organic ingredients. Often we have craftspeople working away, spinning yarn, or making ceramic figures, and always available to answer questions about their craft!"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Doolin Market returns from the 30th of May!

"Moontide" Emma Willcox's range of Natural Cosmetics will on sale at The Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair takes which will take place every Saturday this summer, starting May 30th through August 29th, and runs from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. at the Russell Brothers Community Centre on the road from the village to the Church.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing two prolific Scottish Artists

Introducing two dedicated Edinburgh based artists, who I met while working there during the last few years. Although producing work in very different mediums, one of the qualities they both have in common is their strong natural theme.

Deborah Cameron's inspiring and often tempestuous seascapes are influenced by the years she spent living at the very North of Scotland.

Adrian Baird Ba Than creates jewellery and various functional objects from a whole range of organic and reclaimed materials.

Both artists' work is available at Marchmont Gallery (above) in Edinburgh. Drop in if you are in the city as it is always great to see the work up close!

Adrian Baird Ba Than : Jeweller and Designer

Adrian Baird Ba Than is a Designer/Maker based in Edinburgh. Drawing inspiration from sources both obvious and unexpected he combines wood, bone, horn, nut, shell and mammoth ivory with metal, stone & resins to create elegant, clean designs which are stunning in their simplicity and timeless in their beauty.
Being self taught, Adrian isn't bound by tradition and therefore has found his own path and his own dialogue with which to express his aesthetic. Primarily a jeweller, Adrian also turns his hand to other creative pursuits such as box making, small trinket boxes that fit in the palm of your hand, larger desk top boxes that may be used for jewellery, cigars or anything you want to keep safe or treasure, to a custom made case for your favourite mp3 player. Adrian also uses leather in his work from making satchels, wallets and belts to lining the inside of the aforementioned boxes.

Sourcing materials is a major concern for Adrian. He feels an ethical responsibilty to ensure his work is made utilising materials that come from renewable sources or preferably reclaimed. With this in mind he only uses organic beef bone and ancient mammoth ivory when wanting a white or creamy element to his work. Also, much of the wood he uses has been intercepted on the way to an evergrowing landfill site, or is offcuts from other craftsmen or was destined to become chipboard or animal bedding being considered unusable or too costly to process.
If you are interested in purchasing any of Adrian's designs or to get an idea of prices, send him an email-

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adrian Baird Ba Than : Jewellery and Designs

Deborah Cameron : Painter

"Painting has always been an important part of my life. For over 20 years I lived in the Outer Hebrides and the quality of light, huge skies and constant presence of the sea still fascinate me and influence much of my work although I will paint anything that captures my interest. In 2003 I moved to Edinburgh and rented a studio so that I could paint full time. Then, in 2005 I held my first,very successful, solo exhibition entitled Wide Angle. Following that in 2006 I had work accepted for the Aspect Prize Exhibition and by the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art. In October 2007 I was part of a successful 3 man show at the Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh."

Deborah Cameron : Paintings

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Charlene Gavigan : Jewellery Designs

"These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of." George Eliot

Charlene designs and hand makes one-off pieces of exquisite, intricate and elegant jewellery. Ideal for a unique present or a customised piece for a special occasion and at a very reasonable price. Contact her to make a commission. As a designer, she is very approachable and full of ideas! If you have something in mind, Charlene will help you to choose the design you are after. She explains below how she creates her beautiful jewellery:

"I am a very lucky person, I am surrounded by amazing talent and this website is a testament to that talent. How could you not be inspired??
I am firm believer that if you have the will and a little inspiration you can make anything yourself. You don't need to buy a logo or spend a fortune to bring together style and a little class. I started making jewellery for family and friends a couple of years ago and through their support I am still creating pieces today. All the pieces I design are dress pieces and there is something for every occasion. I use a number of materials, including nylon coated wire, glass beads, Swarovski crystals, ceramic beads, silver or gold plated components and ribbon. If you have a wedding or an event that you are looking for something that bit different take a look at my images."

If you are interested in any of the pieces below please contact me, some are available for sale - prices range from 18-40 euro

Charlene Gavigan : Jewellery Designs